Dr Lee-Anne Francois-Dornbusch; Transformation Specialist

Hello and Welcome!

Oftentimes with so much happening in our lives, we get busy and distracted from our personal goals, or else it seems they are unreachable for other reasons. What most people don't realize is that each of us is deeply attuned to our individual needs, and by not satisfying them, our health suffers: in body, mind, heart and soul. We each know what we specifically need, what's wrong, and how to remedy it for our highest good. The problem is that most of us have been taught to focus externally rather than internally and we seek that which is outside of ourselves for our answers, rather than focusing on ourselves as our biggest advocates and healers. In so doing, we have become a society detached from ourselves.

Many things create our realities, including our belief systems, our inherited family dynamics and coping skills, our traits and susceptibilities, and much more. Each of these attributes come into play in matters of our health. Let me be the first to tell you that truly you are unique, and you do know what's going on inside of you. You know what's wrong, you know how you got to where you are, and you know how to create the change that is needed to get to where you want to go. You just don't know that you know that, or how to access that knowing.

That's where I come in. I use a didactic learned and intuitive dynamic, multi-disciplinary approach in mind-body-heart-soul therapies to create an individualized treatment plan bringing you closer to discovering and activating your divine purpose; by clearing, working with and removing sabotaging blockages that limit you, and reconnecting you with your senses and self. I offer education and guidance lighting your path while providing a safe space to allow you the opportunity to explore and become deeply intimate with yourself, so you can pursue your dreams, transforming into a higher version of yourself than where you may feel you are stuck at right now, regardless of the successes you have already experienced.

I am trained in a variety of modalities and focus on intrinsic needs along with the Determinants of Health, establishing the basis for health with the goal of optimal living. I understand how difficult being true to yourself can be, and am here to help. I utilize a wholistic approach from a plethora of possible natural therapies (including hypnosis, nutrition, movement and art therapies, bodywork, dream analysis, cannabinoids and more), to assist, support and encourage you to break through your imposed limitations- whether due to trauma or social etiquette- for a return to your lost original & authentic self. I provide assistance through times of transition and transformation when extra support and stability are needed to (re)establish a sense of self, like for life and identity changes resulting from unavoidable changes such as with birth or death of a loved one, marriage, divorce, tragic loss, health concern or diagnosis, chronic health problem, changes in perception and depths of reality, gender expression, recognition of past trauma, breaking through glass ceilings, and attaining a higher level of awareness/self-actualization.

I am available for one-on-one and group sessions, lectures and doctor consultations. Click on "Contact Me" to send me a message, text me (with the best times to call you back), or call me direct. I can answer any questions you might have. Doctor means Teacher, and knowledge is power that can lift you into new dimensions of health. I offer a one time free 15 minute consultation to see if we are a good match!  

Thanks so much, have fun, and have a great day!  :D