Dr Lee-Anne Francois-Dornbusch; Transformation Specialist


Naturopathic Health Care

Naturopathic Health Care focuses on the Determinants of Health, which essentially are your lifestyle factors and choices that affect your levels of health, and determine your susceptibilities compromising your health. They are most often controllable factors. There are also other aspects to your health that are not changeable, including maternal health and genetics. The Naturopathic Intake encompasses a full history and assessment of your life and health goals, creating a treatment plan that is client-focused, so you can live as optimally and authentically as possible. Treatment plans include mind-body-heart-soul therapies and combinations, based on assessment findings, focusing on nourishing the self wholistically through an intimate relationship with the self and expressing such via sex, nutrition, cannabinoids, physical medicine, a healthy perspective and much more.

Basic and Deep Dive Intakes are available.

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Talk Therapies & Hypnosis

Sometimes the best way to process thoughts and emotions can be to talk about it. Talk therapies allow for an unbiased environment allowing you to make sense out of certain areas of your life, so mental and emotional balance can be restored. It also offers an opportunity to experiment seeing the possible options and outcomes with the challenges you face, without having the direct consequences of doing so directly, so you can better choose how to respond accordingly.

Incorporating hypnosis and soul dialoguing into the treatment allows for direct access to hidden memories and events that sometimes are forgotten or seem unrelated to current life situations, hurdles and challenges.

I offer relaxation techniques, medical hypnoanalysis, goal setting and regression therapy.

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Integration Therapy

Oftentimes when we have a new experience that is difficult to incorporate into our lives, we need someone to help guide us through the integration of it so we can continue to grow beneficially. Many times the people in our lives are who we reach out to for this, but they are usually ill-equipped, or inexperienced in understanding our experience, to help us. These experiences can be personal revelations, insights, awarenesses, or spiritual-type out of body experiences that can happen with plant medicines and meditative or dream-like altered head space states.

I offer the opportunity for you to process your experiences, (during talk or utilizing hypnosis) relating them to a higher existential experience, bringing you to a higher level of awareness of the world you live in so your experience brings you closer to your divine self, rather than hindering your relationships by attempting to merge it with those you know that can't relate or don't understand you, therefore alienating or judging you.

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Massage & Bodywork

Touch therapies are very therapeutic and restorative, with physical ailments, as well as ones affecting the mind, heart and soul. Massage techniques can affect emotional traumas, bypassing mental stressors with compassionate needs for healthy touch.

I offer a range of treatments that are soft and gentle like lymphatic drainage, craniosacral therapy, neuromeningeal manipulation and visceral manipulation and also deeper tissue, more vigorous muscular work like sports massage and trigger point therapy.

I work on men, women, children, pregnant moms and animals. Let me know what you're looking for, and we can create a plan that's just right for you!

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Energy Work

Our bodies are electrical and energetic. Energy Work can be a hands-on or hands-off therapy assisting the flow of your life force, as it needs to sustain itself in a dynamic balance for optimum health. Any time you experience emotional or physical illness, it indicates that your life force has simply become unbalanced or is blocked. Blockages can occur from such things as inappropriate boundaries, unprocessed emotions, and over-exertion. Providing energetic influence on the nervous system helps to restore balance and energetic flow to your entire being. 

I teach acupressure and energy exercises, and offer hands on and hands-free energy work. I provide for on-site and distance work, education/lectures and group appointments.

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Hypnossage is a modality I created using a combination of hypnosis and massage. It is a specialized way to allow the conscious and unconscious minds to understand and believe the same message at the same time while relieving fears, tension and stresses from previous insults. Hypnosis utilizes being hyper-focused while in a relaxed state and adds a unique opportunity for healing when combined with bodywork. It allows for the release of past traumas stuck in the tissue to be released in a supportive, healing environment, leading to increased vitality and health; mentally, emotionally and physically.

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Private Retreat

Private room stay offering sacred ceremonies, contemplation down time, integration and health conscious meals, with bodywork, swimming, exercise, movement meditation, and other unique optional opportunities.

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Cannabis Associated Therapies

Cannabis therapy is very individualized. It's not like "here, just take two of these..." you have to see what works for you. I do a thorough intake and assessment, delve into your family history, and utilize hypnosis to see where your blocks are and how best to utilize cannabis for you.

I also officiate for cannabis friendly events such as weddings, funerals and other ceremonies.

Please see Cannabinoids section for more information.

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Stress Reduction Plan

Individualized, 3 Month Plan Addressing (cumulatively): Relaxation, Nutrition and Exercise.

Each month starts with a hypnosis session and consultation for your treatment plan and customized meditation (to be listened to daily). Each consultation includes assessments and evaluations including: Full Lifestyle Assessment, Review of Personal & Family Histories, Coping & Patterns Recognition, Current Practice Evaluation, Emotional Barriers & Non-Compliance Concerns, and Attitudes & Experiences; specific to each monthly topic. Individualized plans will be given for:

Month 1: Relaxation (includes assignment of appropriately determined techniques, therapies, & practices, as well as daily customized meditation),

Month 2: Nutrition (includes assignment of appropriately determined dietary modifications based off Diet Diary and assessment; with new daily meditation incorporating nutritional aspects), and

Month 3: Exercise (includes assignment of appropriately determined techniques, therapies and practices based off current needs, practices and assessment; with new meditation incorporating exercise aspects).

Interim weekly follow ups provide for continued support, encouragement and accountability check ins, addressing any concerns that may arise. If deeper seated issues emerge requiring regression therapy, sessions can be added on for a discounted hourly rate.

Week 12 concludes program with review of progress and congratulatory Certificate of Completion.

May be repeated

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Relationship Rehab

Oftentimes we come to a place in our relationships where we need to re-evaluate whether they are serving our highest good- whether that is due to a monumental change in the dynamic, or if we've just noticed things aren't working how they used to anymore. Many times we don't want to just walk away, or think we can't, and need assistance putting everything into a proper perspective to be able to more consciously decide how we want to proceed moving forward.

I provide the space to allow for that to happen. Through a series of appointments involving appropriate therapies as determined by an extensive intake, I customize a plan for you wholistically focusing on the mind-body-heart-soul experience. Possible therapies can address nutrition, exercise, past traumas, autonomy, childhood issues, intimacy, sexual health & more. 

Relationships can be complex, which is why I provide a multi-disciplinary approach assisting you in determining how to have them in a way that works best for you. 

Initial appointment includes in-depth questionnaire with 2-3 hr intake, followed by:

                                                                                                                              Pkg A: 4 subsequent sessions, or

                                                                                                                              Pkg B: 9 subsequent sessions.

Appointments can be scheduled traditionally, or arranged as intensives with 5 (or 2 sets of 5) consecutive days. Additional sessions may be added as determined.

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Rates are based on time

Rates are based on time and complexity of therapies needed. To benefit in the healing process you, the client, need to exchange equal value for what you are able to gain in our interactions. Money is an energy value that holds meaning differently within all people. As I understand not everyone is in the same financial situation, I am willing to work with you where you are at. Let's have the conversation.

Ala Carte appointments are increments of 90 min, with on-site having an allowance of 10-15 min prep time for set-up and clean up as indicated. Clients can be late, however, prices will not be discounted, nor time automatically extended.

Treatment plans are devised from assessment of an extensive questionnaire and a variety of intake methods, as indicated. Goals are determined from a partnership between myself and you, the client, &/or client representative- as appropriate. The most effective treatment plans require compliance, which is determined by client active participation, in client-focused care.

Client provides for travel costs and accommodations as required. Driving rates are 50 cents/mile (charged one way), as well as any total incurred travel, toll or parking costs. 

Deposit will be collected upon scheduling appointment, with sale finalized upon start of session. Packages are not refundable, however, pro-rated cancellations are transferable. 

A minimum space of 5' X 8' is required for on-site table space set-up, and should be easily and readily accessible.

Please shower just prior to any bodywork session for best results. Some people prefer showering afterwards to remove oils and lotions as well, while others prefer to let them absorb into the skin, as sometimes essential oils are utilized and incorporated into therapies and extend treatment effectiveness.

Appointments are most productive when scheduled during a time of least distraction, allowing for focused attention to the appointment.

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