Dr Lee-Anne Francois-Dornbusch; Transformation Specialist


It's great so many states are recognizing the medical benefits of Cannabis and have medical programs, while others are completely available for adult use. We are still far from mainstream knowledge and acceptance for its benefit in usage, though education is helping, research is growing and a rescheduling is on the horizon!

Stepping in to a dispensary can be a daunting and overwhelming experience, considering how much information there is to know, and of how individualized Cannabis therapy can be. It can deter people from going, even though their health depends on it. Rather than suffer, let me help you understand how Medical Cannabis works: the many different varieties and strains there are, how that matters (and doesn't), methods of intake, how to incorporate it best into your lifestyle, and which form(s) might be best for you, even into the meals you are already cooking at home.

I can also meet you at your dispensary to go over their current menu, as you try to navigate through your therapeutic options with a more comprehensive understanding of how to make your Cannabis work better for you. If you have caregivers (or friends that are Medical Cannabis card holders), or you live in an adult use state, we can make it a group session, and even make an infused meal.

Cannabis therapy education intakes involve an extensive history, evaluation and assessment while educating and empowering you to make the decisions right for your Cannabinoid therapy needs. Types of tools and forms of Cannabis will be addressed. Rates are discounted from traditional therapy prices, to $420/hr. Follow ups- $75. Transportation fees apply.

Looking for a more thorough explanation of cannabis and how it works in your endocannabinoid system? Read my paper at https://ndnr.com/pain-medicine/cannabis-the-ecs-how-cannabinoids-are-changing-health-care/

THC is not always necessary. Hemp derived CBD can be a great benefit nutritionally, as well as medicinally. I can show you some really great products and help you know which are best for your needs. Group consultations and lectures are available.

I also provide for events and services. If you're interested in a cannabis friendly wedding, funeral or ceremony, please let me know, and I can officiate.

 See you soon!

         ~ Dr Francois